Armadillo Mini Flopsies Stuffed Animal

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This little Mini Flopsies stuffed armadillo is cute and cuddly with a plush gray body, creatively soft "armored" shell, and sweet face. Our Mini Flopsies plush armadillo also includes an educational animal information tag as follows:

Armadillos are timid, armored mammals that live in warm grasslands and forests from South America up to the southern United States. Armadillo is a Spanish word meaning "little armored one" and refers to the bony plates that cover the back, head, legs, and tail of most of these odd looking creatures. Armadillos generally have a pointy or shovel-shaped snout and small eyes. Many can curl into a ball when threatened by predators. Armadillos are burrowers who dig underground dens. Armadillos can jump 3 feet straight up into the air. There 20 different types of armadillos that range in size from 6 to 60 inches long. Armadillos are primarily insect-eaters.
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10"l (nose to tail)
All Ages
Surface Washable
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