Crocodile Itsy Bitsies Stuffed Animal

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Cute and cuddly, this little Itsy Bitsies stuffed crocodile has soft green and lemon fur, fun felt teeth, and blue toes. Created with nature and education in mind, this plush crocodile includes an informational tag as follows...

Crocodiles are found in warm waters throughout the world. They lie still in murky water with only their eyes and nose showing. Without warning, they leap out of the water with terrific speed and power to catch unsuspecting prey. Babies eat tiny fish and insects. Adults catch larger prey like water birds and mammals, and can grow to lengths of 20 feet.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this little Itsy Bitsies stuffed crocodile goes towards Abhaya Charitable Foundation (USA), a nonprofit organization providing housing, education, and support of disadvantaged children throughout the world.
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