Hedgehog Wild Watchers Stuffed Animal

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This adorable stuffed hedgehog from the Wild Watchers collection has amazing, watchful eyes that love to follow you around the room. With super soft brown fur, tan accents, cream tummy, and those huge loving eyes in a sweet face, this plush hedgehog has been created with nature and education in mind and includes an informational tag as follows...

Hello. I am a hedgehog, and I'm heh.. heh... covered with more than 5000 spines. When threatened, I will curl up into a ball and am impossible to attack. You will find me in Europe, Africa, and Asia - in woods, rain forests, steppes, and deserts. I sleep in burrows during the day and come out mostly at night to feast on insects. When food is scarce, will simply hibernate - or go to sleep - for months!

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this Wild Watchers hedgehog stuffed animal help support foundations for disadvantaged children and abandoned animals.
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Brown / Cream / Tan
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