Neezer Rockhopper Penguin Zibbies Stuffed Animal

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Neezer, this unique and adorable stuffed rockhopper penguin from the Zibbies collection, is ready to spark hours of imaginative play and adventure. With soft black and white fur, brown leather-like beak and feet, and a head full of super-silly black and yellow Hyperflex hair, Zibbies plush rockhopper penguin Neezer will delight penguin lovers everywhere, whether they love stuffed rockhopper penguins or real ones.

Zibbies are super silly stuffed animals with soft plush bodies and wild Hyperflex hair, a wonderful combination for hours of fabulously fun plush animal play and adventure! What is Hyperflex you ask? It is a stretchy material that expands to ten times its original size and returns back to its original form. What a wonderful hairdo it makes! Each Zibbie stuffed animal comes with a secret code to explore the kid-friendly Zibbie world online.
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6.5"h (plus hair)
3 and up
Surface Washable
Black / White
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