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Stuffed Animals by Species

Finding a specific stuffed animal species is easy-shmeasy on our Stuffed Animals by Species page. From alligators to zebras, you'll find each of our plush animals conveniently grouped, each with its own kind.
Stuffed Alligators & Crocodiles Alligator & Crocodile Stuffed Animals
Stuffed alligators and stuffed crocodiles the perfect choice for big reptile ranglers of all ages.
Stuffed Amadillos Armadillo Stuffed Animals
Stuffed armadillos are funny little plush creatures with long snouts and “banded” fur.
Stuffed Bats Bat Stuffed Animals
Our stuffed bats have fun features and cuddly bodies and would delight Batman himself.
Stuffed Bears & Plush Teddy Bears Bear Stuffed Animals
Teddy bears have long been the traditional stuffed animal of choice.
Stuffed Beavers Beaver Stuffed Animals
Our stuffed beaver plush animals will make a splash with their top quality and love-ability.
Stuffed Bees & Bumblebees Bee Stuffed Animals
Just one look at these sweet little stuffed bees and you know they would never sting you.
Stuffed Big Cats Big Cat Stuffed Animals
Our big cat stuffed animals are just kittens at heart and want nothing more than to be snuggled.
Stuffed Birds Bird Stuffed Animals
Stuffed birds are wonderful pets that sit still for your viewing pleasure and love when you get close.
Stuffed Buffalo and Bison Buffalo & Bison Stuffed Animals
Our adorable stuffed buffalo and bison are lovable characters with soft fur and cuddly bodies.
Stuffed Bugs and Insects Bug & Insect Stuffed Animals
Adorable stuffed bugs and insects make even those with bug aversions want to smile.
Stuffed Bulls Bull Stuffed Animals
Stuffed bulls, a sign of strength and power, are also soft and cuddly, a wonderful combination!
Stuffed Bunnies and Rabbits Bunny & Rabbit Stuffed Animals
Sweet and huggable, soft and cuddly, these plush bunnies give you warm fuzzies.
Stuffed Camels Camel Stuffed Animals
Stuffed camels are just waiting to provide you with hours of lovable, huggable, fun.
Stuffed Cardinals Cardinal Stuffed Animals
Stuffed cardinals are bright red birds that will win your heart with no papers to change or birdfeed to vacuum up.
Stuffed Cats and Kittens Cat & Kitten Stuffed Animals
Stuffed cats are the perfect pets... no pet hair to vacuum and no scratch marks on the furniture.
Stuffed Chickens & Roosters Chicken & Rooster Stuffed Animals
What playtime barnyard is complete without cute little stuffed chickens and roosters?
Stuffed Chipmunks Chipmunk Stuffed Animals
Our stuffed chipmunks are sweet and cuddly and would never think of stealing your acorns.
Stuffed Cows Cow Stuffed Animals
These adorable stuffed cows are definitely a breed above the rest.
Crab and Lobster Stuffed Animals Crab & Lobster Stuffed Animals
Create your own above the water aquarium starting with these fun marine crustaceans.
Stuffed Deer and Reindeer Deer & Reindeer Stuffed Animals
Deer stuffed animals are a wonderfully friendly part of the deer family.
Stuffed Dinosaurs Dinosaur Stuffed Animals
Stuffed dinosaurs are friends of prehistoric proportions.
Stuffed Dogs and Puppies Dog & Puppy Stuffed Animals
Stuffed dogs are best friends for all walks of life and are always ready to play or cuddle.
Stuffed Dolphins Dolphin Stuffed Animals
Stuffed dolphins are so cute and soft you for hours of non-water fun and snuggling.
Stuffed Donkeys Donkey Stuffed Animals
Stuffed donkeys are soft and cuddly and never too stubbon to play.
Stuffed Dragons Dragon Stuffed Animals
Mystical and mighty, soft and cuddly, stuffed dragons are a huge part of childhood fantasy.
Stuffed Ducks Duck Stuffed Animals
Our adorable stuffed ducks are soft and cuddly, cute and colorful.
Stuffed Eagles Eagle Stuffed Animals
These adorable stuffed eagles will help your imagination soar.
Stuffed Elephants Elephant Stuffed Animals
Our stuffed elephants are fun and cuddly with personality to spare.
Stuffed Fish Fish Stuffed Animals
Stuffed fish are not your ordinary aquarium fish, not even close.
Stuffed Flamingos Flamingo Stuffed Animals
Stuffed flamingos with soft fur, fun flopply legs and personality to spare, make great pets.
Stuffed Foxes Fox Stuffed Animals
Stuffed foxes are so amazing you won’t mind having them in your hen house.
Stuffed Frogs Frog Stuffed Animals
Stuffed frogs are spunky and fun with personality to spare.
Stuffed Giraffes Giraffe Stuffed Animals
Stuffed giraffes are adorable spotted animals that are a delight to behold and hold.
Stuffed Goats Goat Stuffed Animals
Stuffed goats are super polite and are there for you whenever you need them.
Stuffed Gorillas Gorilla Stuffed Animals
Stuffed gorillas, with sweet faces and cuddly bodies, can beat their chests with pride.
Stuffed Hamsters and Guinea Pigs Hamster & Guinea Pig Stuffed Animals
Stuffed hamsters and guinea pigs are popular pets who wanted to room together for a while.
Stuffed Hedgehogs Hedgehog Stuffed Animals
Stuffed hedgehogs are short and stout little creatures with lots of love to go around.
Stuffed Hippos Hippo Stuffed Animals
Stuffed hippos are fun friends for kids of all ages with their sweet faces and chubby tummies.
Stuffed Horses & Ponies Horse & Pony Stuffed Animals
These stuffed horses and plush ponies are sure to be in the winner's circle.
Stuffed Kangaroos Kangaroo Stuffed Animals
Stuffed kangaroos are full of spunk and ready for imaginative adventure.
Stuffed Koala Bears Koala Bear Stuffed Animals
Stuffed koala bears are sure to delight the outback lover in all of us.
Stuffed Ladybugs Ladybug Stuffed Animals
Stuffed ladybugs will delight even those with the biggest bug aversions.
Stuffed Lambs & Sheep Lamb & Sheep Stuffed Animals
Stuffed sheep are a wooly bunch and love to hang together in flocks.
Stuffed Leopards Leopard Stuffed Animals
Stuffed leopards are a spotty bunch indeed, but their spots help them hide from their prey.
Stuffed Lions Lion Stuffed Animals
From their fluffy manes to their furry tails, our stuffed lions are ready to please.
Stuffed Llamas Llama Stuffed Animals
Stuffed llamas are social creatures and cannot wait to make your house their home.
Stuffed Meerkats Meerkat Stuffed Animals
These soft and cuddly meerkat stuffed animals would love to spend time playing with you.
Stuffed Monkeys Monkey Stuffed Animals
Stuffed monkeys are fun and exciting with no worries about running out of bananas.
Stuffed Monsters Monster Stuffed Animals
Stuffed monsters don't hide in closets or under beds because they just want to play all day long.
Stuffed Moose Moose Stuffed Animals
If “stuffed moose” means one animal, why isn’t it “stuffed meese” for two or more?
Stuffed Mountain Goats Mountain Goat Stuffed Animals
Stuffed mountain goats, soft and fluffy, are just the right size for hugs and kisses.
Stuffed Mice & Rats Mouse & Rat Stuffed Animals
Stuffed mouse so cute and fuzzy, won’t you come to my house and be my buddy.
Stuffed Octopus Octopus Stuffed Animals
No need for deep sea diving... you can get your very own stuffed octopus right here.
Stuffed Ostriches Ostrich Stuffed Animals
Stuffed ostriches won't put their heads in the sand as they would much rather cuddle with you.
Stuffed Owls Owl Stuffed Animals
Stuffed owls, with large eyes and soft feathers, encourage wisdom and thoughtfulness.
Stuffed Panda Bears Panda Bear Stuffed Animals
Stuffed pandas, unlike their solitary counterparts, love to be around people.
Stuffed Parrots Parrot Stuffed Animals
Stuffed parrots, colorful and adorable, will delight bird lovers of all ages.
Stuffed Penguins Penguin Stuffed Animals
Stuffed penguins, primarily black and white, love to play and slide, out in the arctic cold.
Stuffed Pigs Pig Stuffed Animals
With charming faces and friendly eyes, stuffed pigs are sure to satisfy any farm animal lover.
Stuffed Polar Bears Polar Bear Stuffed Animals
So soft and huggable, plush polar bears need lots of love and snuggles to keep them happy.
Stuffed Porcupines Porcupine Stuffed Animals
Stuffed porcupines have much softer quills than live ones making them perfect for cuddles and hugs.
Stuffed Raccoons Raccoon Stuffed Animals
Stuffed raccoons are sweet and trouble-free, unlike their real-life counterparts.
Stuffed Rams & Big Horn Sheep Ram & Big Horn Sheep Stuffed Animals
Stuffed rams are the pride of the Rocky Mountains, so big horn sheep lovers say.
Stuffed Rhinos Rhino Stuffed Animals
Rhinos may seem fierce in the wild, but these stuffed rhinos are as tame as can be.
Stuffed Seals Seal Stuffed Animals
Stuffed seals, so soft and so cuddly, are really super excited to make your home theirs, too.
Stuffed Skunks Skunk Stuffed Animals
Stuffed skunks are sweet enough to cuddle and hug all day and night.
Stuffed Snakes Snake Stuffed Animals
Stuffed snakes are sure to be a hit with the boys in your house as well as their adventurous sisters.
Stuffed Snowmen Snowman Stuffed Animals
Stuffed snowmen... perfect year-round companions that won't melt no matter how warm the climate.
Stuffed Squirrels Squirrel Stuffed Animals
Stuffed squirrels are frisky and playful, and are ready to make your house their home.
Stuffed Tigers Tiger Stuffed Animals
Our stuffed tigers would welcome the chance to display their manners in your home.
Stuffed Turkeys, Plush Turkeys Turkey Stuffed Animals
Our adorable plush turkeys will bring a smile to the face of your little gobbler.
Stuffed Turtles Turtle Stuffed Animals
Stuffed turtles may not win a foot race, they're sure to win the race for your heart.
Stuffed Unicorns Unicorn Stuffed Animals
Stuffed unicorns encourage hours of imaginative play as well as cuddly quiet times
Stuffed Walruses Walrus Stuffed Animals
Our stuffed walruses are so soft and cuddly you'll wish you lived in our zoo.
Stuffed Whales Whale Stuffed Animals
Stuffed whales represent the gentle giants of the sea and have wonderfully huggable bodies.
Stuffed Wolves Wolf Stuffed Animals
Our wolf stuffed animals are just pups at heart and would rather snuggle than bite.
Stuffed Zebras Zebra Stuffed Animals
Stuffed zebras are adorable striped creatures with black stripes, or are they white stripes?

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