Triceratops Dinosaur Wild Watchers Stuffed Animal

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This adorable stuffed Triceratops dinosaur from the Wild Watchers collection has amazing, watchful eyes that love to follow you around the room. With soft turquoise blue fur, light blue accents, gray toes and horns, and those huge loving eyes in a sweet face, this plush Triceratops dinosaur has been created with nature and education in mind and includes an informational tag as follows...

Hi! I'm a Triceratops. Do you like my large impressive horns? I use these to fight bigger dinosaurs and protect my territory! I'm a herbivore and use my strong jaws and teeth to chew and chop through stems and branches. It takes a lot of chewing to fill my stomach!! Do you like the bony frill jutting out of my neck? It makes me look dashing, doesn't it?

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this Wild Watchers Triceratops dinosaur stuffed animal help support foundations for disadvantaged children and abandoned animals.
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