A Charming Gift for Friendship Month

Best Friends
We are a military family and recently transferred to a base in North Carolina. It has been hard on the kids moving from town to town so I was really excited when my teenage daughter Kati, received her first invitation for a sleep over. It was actually a birthday party celebration with a sleepover at the end.

My daughter wanted to buy her new friend a really cool gift for her birthday that would be unique and special. She racked her brain for ideas but was stumped on what to do. I told her to get online and check out the unique gifts from CDK. She did and giggled with pleasure when she found a beautiful rainbow charm bracelet.

She also added the Braces Smile Charm because both her and her new friend wear braces. When the bracelet arrived my daughter carefully wrapped it up in a pretty box and ribbon. She was practically giddy with excitement when I dropped her off at the party the next weekend.

Anxiously, I waited until the next day when I picked her up to find out how well her gift was received. As we rode home in the car she chattered on nonstop about how her gift was the hit of the party! Yeah!

But, perhaps the best part of the story happened about two weeks later. My daughter came home from school carrying a small colorful gift bag. When I asked her where it came from she set it on the counter and pulled out a small box. Opening the box, inside was the same charm bracelet as she had given her friend. Puzzled, I asked if her friend had given it back to her.

She opened a small card to show me something else entirely different. Inside was written a note that said:
Charm Bracelet for Friendship Month
Dear Kati,

February is friendship month and you are my best friend. I loved the charm bracelet you gave me for my birthday so much I wanted to give you the same bracelet back so we could match. I am really glad that you moved here and I hope we will be friends forever.

Love, Molly

Inside the card was the Friends Forever Charm for my daughter’s bracelet as well. I nearly cried I was so touched (nearly, that is, since I am told moms who cry are not cool for some weird reason).

~ Jennifer