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A Press N Dress Birthday Surprise

Press N Dress Giftique SetRemember as a child playing with paper dolls? I spent countless hours as a young girl painstakingly cutting out each shape exactly on the line including those little tabs which were used to hold the dress to the doll figure. I had completely forgotten about the paper dolls I loved so dearly for many years until my daughter brought home a birthday invitation to a Dolls & Tea party.

I re-read the invitation twice, a doll and tea what party?

It turns out there has been a marvelous evolution to the traditional papers doll so many moms like myself grew up with. Now, there are Press N Dress dolls which are cloth outfits that stick to the doll via a hook and loop closure (think Velcro©). Forget about hours spent cutting out little paper tabs, now the kids just press and the doll is dressed! (If only dressing myself could be that simple.)

My daughter eagerly attended this unique birthday party to find that each girl was given her own set of dolls to press and dress. They mixed that with an old fashioned tea party and it was an instant success. Eight girls sat in their pretty party dresses sipping tea out of pink plastic cups and using their imagination to include their dolls in the fun.

My daughter was allowed to keep her new doll set in lieu of a goodie bag. I must say it was a pretty clever idea. No late night goodie bag stuffing, or tons of decorations to put up then take down. Just a lovely afternoon with some fine ladies, a good tea and the most fashionably dressed dolls to be found for miles around.

~ Jennifer