Angus Knucklebark Wetmore Forest Plush POP Monster Stuffed Animal

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Meet Angus Knucklebark, this adorable plush POP monster from Funko's imaginative and whimsical Wetmore Forest. Known for his natural ability to fix things, Angus Knucklebark is a hard working monster who loves warm fires and long naps. From the top of his gray corduroy horns to the bottom of his blue felt clawed feet, you will love having POP Monster Angus Knucklebark as a fun collectible stuffed animal or huggable friend. With a cuddly body of soft purple fur with light blue inner ears and eye surrounds, this loveable plush monster has fun felt claws, alert ears, and big eyes with embroidered details. With cute freckles and felt buck teeth, Pop Monster Angus Knucklebark is ready for many imaginative adventures while inspiring you to work hard and always be ready with a friendly smile.

Angus Knucklebark is a simple monster. He believes in hard work, long naps, and a good hot fire in the fireplace. Mechanically inclined and a natural fixer of things, Angus isn't much for small talk. He usually has sawdust in his fur, a trusty chew-stick between his teeth, and a friendly wink to say hello.
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