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Baby and Sibling Personalized Children’s Books

Special Delivery Personalized Children's Book
Personalized books are not just great baby gifts for your friends and family, but a creative and unique way to make your own child feel special. As a mother of three, even my teenager still enjoys hearing stories about the day she was born.

In the book, Special Delivery, the details of your child’s birth are recorded using adorable characters such as Topper the Turtle, Squeeky Squirrel, and Bouncy Bunny. Think of how much fun your son or daughter will have looking back and reading about their birth day.

Another great book is the Sibling Book. The addition of a new child in the family can be a difficult adjustment for your older child who no longer receives your full attention. This wonderful book helps the older sibling to better understand the demands of a new baby, and that being a big brother or sister can also be a lot of fun.

Finally, another delightful book to record the details of your child’s arrival into this world is Baby’s Create-A-Book. This personalized book records the weight, length, time of birth, hospital, doctor, hometown, and even the visitors who came to visit on that special day.

Personalized books are more than just thoughtful gifts. They quickly become treasured family keepsakes you and your kids can enjoy forever.

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