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Baby Showers Around the World

Baby Showers Around the World
Baby showers are wonderful social occasions that are celebrated around the world. Dating back to the early 1900s, they started as a way for friends and family to “shower” a woman with gifts before her big day, much in the same way as a bridal shower. Many of the gifts bestowed upon the new mother-to-be were made by the guests. The event was generally held in the afternoon and that is how the umbrella became a popular symbol of the event, because guests needed them to stay out of the sun.

Baby showers today are not much different; however, gifts can vary widely from the practical to the outlandish! Showers are most often attended by women and can include games, tea and even a cake made entirely of diapers.

But how are baby showers celebrated around the world? In Canada, a baby shower is very much like it is in the United States and is traditionally known that only women attend this event.

In South Africa, it is called a stork party and usually takes place when the mother is around six months along. These parties are never attended by men. There is often much silliness at a stork party which includes dressing up in funny outfits and gifts usually center around baby care items. A stork party is usually organized as a surprise to the expecting mother and without her knowledge.

In the United Kingdom, a substitute to the American baby shower is an event called wetting the baby’s head. This involves the father celebrating the birth of his child by having drinks with his friends and the mother is not involved at all.

In Nepal, a baby shower is called Pasni and is held on a boy’s sixth month birthday and a girl’s five month birthday. Guests present the mother with money and other gifts during the celebration.

No matter where you may be in this big beautiful world, celebrating the birth of a child is always a special event.

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