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Baby Stella Helps Stop Potty Accidents

Potty Training Blocks
My three year old has been potty trained for quite some time. Out of the blue she began having “accidents.” I didn’t think much of it at first. Being a parent involves cleaning up lots of “accidents” and then moving on with your life. When the accidents became a daily occurrence, I started wondering if maybe something else was going on.

Did she have some kind of physical problem or maybe she was just trying to get attention? I really did not know. A trip to the doctor ruled out any physical issues (thank goodness). I kept a closer eye on her daily activities and honestly could not find anything that might cause her to wet her pants.

After weeks of having her ruin 3-4 pair of underclothes per day, I was starting to get a little desperate to find a solution. When my husband got his lap soaked after a cuddling session it was clear an answer to this problem needed to be found - and quickly!

I decided to try something different and purchased a Baby Stella doll and potty training book. I decided it was time to go back to the basics and perhaps tackle potty training from a different angle.

My little girl loves dolls and she went nuts over the Baby Stella doll. Instead of just giving it to her outright, I made a big deal about how Stella was potty trained. She loved going potty so much that she even wrote a book about it! All of a sudden, the potty seemed to take on a whole new meaning for my daughter.

We read the book together and put a Baby Stella potty in the bathroom next to the toilet. My daughter loved having Stella use the potty at the same time as her. Bathroom time became play time and she could not wait for her next trip there. I am happy to say that her “accidents” have stopped completely and Baby Stella without a doubt gets the credit for the success.

~ J. Dawn