Bickle the Slog Wetmore Forest Plush POP Monster Stuffed Animal

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Meet Bickle the Slog, this adorable plush POP monster from Funko's imaginative and whimsical Wetmore Forest. Known as the ever-faithful companion to Smoots, Bickle is a playful monster pet and trusty watch slog. From the top of his black antennae to the end of his yellow tail, you will love having POP Monster Bickle the Slog as a fun collectible stuffed animal or huggable friend. With a cuddly body of soft yellow fur with yellow corduroy tummy, this loveable plush monster pet has bright green spots and big eyes with embroidered details. With floppy ears and a super-sweet face, Pop Monster Bickle the Slog is ready for many imaginative adventures while inspiring you to love and care for the pets in your life.

Bickle is Smoots' loyal companion and trusty watch slog. Smoots found Bickle one day while out fishing for mudhonks underneath an old rotten bridge. He was just a young hatchling when Smoots found him and took him home. Smooots quickly took to the slog pup and his cheery, playful manner. Bickle was named after Bickle Creek, the spot where Smoots had been fishing that day. The two have been an inseparable pair ever since.
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