Birds of Prey Bloco Foam Building Set

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With this amazing Birds of Prey Bloco foam building set, you can follow the instructions to build a bald eagle, great horned owl, baby vulture, monkey-eating eagle, white owl, and vulture, or let your creativity take over and construct fabulous flying creatures based on your own imagination!

And once you've assembled your eagles, owls, vultures, or other wonderful winged creations, these Bloco toys go from creating to playing as they are durable enough for imaginative play and adventure. This Bloco Birds of Prey foam building set is an edutaining toy that builds motor and spatial skills and with the ability to take your creations apart and start again, you'll enjoy hours of creative construction and play.

What is Bloco?
Bloco is a one-of-a-kind construction toy that uses high-density foam designed in unique shapes with specialized plastic connectors. Pieces link together and rotate at any angle. You can build easy flat models or stack the pieces to create fantastic 3D creatures. Build the illustrated designs or let your imagination take charge!
NoteThe bald eagle, great horned owl, and baby vulture can all be built simultaneously.
This Birds of Prey construction set can be combined with other Bloco foam building sets to create even more interesting creatures.

Choking Hazard - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years
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6 and up
Number of Pieces
280 pieces
Set Includes
225 foam pieces, 55 connectors and caps, and detailed instruction sheet
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Mother of Lego Fanatic Guest on April 29, 2013, 11:43 AM
So Cool!
The Bloco set far surpassed my expectations! I've probably invested half a million in legos over the years and wanted to see my kid construct something different. He had a blast putting them together and then proceeded to demonstrate all the things they could do that his Lego's could NOT do. He has them all sitting on his dresser and plays with them each night and changes out their heads. Really such a nice surprise to find such a very cool product!