Childhood Topics
Let's talk about all things childhood... from naptime and potty training to imagination building and learning to read and everything in between!

Choosing Playthings

Stuffed Animals build Creative Play If you were to ask me about some of the most treasured memories I have of my childhood, I would have to start with stuffed animals. I can't even begin to explain how fast time flew by as my sister and I crawled around her bedroom floor, animating the plush toys and building a world of our own. read moreread more

Motivating Your Child to Read

Dad and Son Reading One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to help your child enjoy reading. It is an investment of time and energy well worth the effort. While kids learn to read in school, they can often begin to associate reading with work and not pleasure. This can have a bad effect causing them to lose their desire to read. One of the most effective ways to encourage your child to read is by reading aloud to them. You cannot start read moreread more

Exploring the Muscle of the Mind

Imagination In Action - Space A critical element of a child’s development is to use the muscle of the mind. It is simple for any child to incorporate regular household items to imagine they are on the moon or playing with a dinosaur. It has nothing to do with the shape or texture of the item, but everything to do with a child exploring his or her imagination. read moreread more

Cloth Activity Books for Children

Mom & Child Reading My Quiet Book How do you get your infant or toddler interested in reading? Try a cloth activity book. These books are colorful, fun, and provide a soft touch and feel for your little one to experience. This will naturally encourage their curiosity and help get them interested in reading. Yeah! Even before a child learns to walk or talk, they listen closely to the read moreread more

Tips for Choosing Puzzles for Your Kids

Family Puzzle Time Puzzles are one of the best tools for helping your kids learn while having fun. Puzzles offer many benefits to children including improving their fine motor skills, helping them to understand patterns, increasing their memory and boosting their problem solving skills. These are all great reasons to have plenty of puzzles at your disposal for easy and fun entertainment. read moreread more