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Importance of Play

Choosing Playthings

Stuffed Animals build Creative Play If you were to ask me about some of the most treasured memories I have of my childhood, I would have to start with stuffed animals. I can't even begin to explain how fast time flew by as my sister and I crawled around her bedroom floor, animating the plush toys and building a world of our own. read moreread more

Playtime Matters – Best Toys for Toddlers

Goldilocks & the Three Bears Cloth Playset All the research on childhood play is pointing to one thing these days: Kids need to be kids and playing with toys helps to build the foundations for learning. Those foundations are the building blocks they need to become the successful adults we want them to be. read moreread more

Travel Games For Kids That Stir The Imagination

Vacation Taking a vacation is a big deal. We all need a break from reality sometimes and I don’t mean just me, I mean the kids too. When we go on vacation the last thing I want is for someone to be glued to the TV or gabbing on a phone. I’m a big proponent of making sure our brains take a vacation as well. read moreread more

Benefits of Pretend Play

Girl Teaching Stuffed Animals Have you ever watched your child play dress up with your clothes or crawl on the floor meowing like a kitty? These are great examples of pretend play and while they may seem simple, these pretend play skills actually strengthen many areas of your child’s development. read moreread more

Let’s Have Fun and Play!

Holli & Heidi Playing Dress Up Kids create new universes everyday. Part of creativity is critical thinking... How do I create a fort or a tea set out of these yogurt containers and plastic dishes? Though they may not say the words, they relate to the objects and start planning. They create in their worlds much of what they have seen and want to see - such as acting like a dolphin or walking around the house on all fours like a cat. They learn by repeating, not only adults, but by using their own imaginations. read moreread more