Lend a Hand
Some of the best rewards in life come from helping others and we're here to spread the word on great ways to do just that.

Cheerful Givers

Cheerful Givers Happy Birthday Boy It's so important to give back to our community and the world all year round; not just in the holiday season and one of our favorite organizations is Cheerful Givers. They put together birthday gift bags and distribute them to shelters and food shelves, for parents who are experiencing a difficult financial time in their lives. Their mission is to reach out to these families and enable them to give their children a birthday gift. Cheerful Givers has provided more than 600,000 children with special birthday gift bags since their beginning in 1994. You and your family can join Cheerful read moreread more

Stuffed Animals for Children in Need

Gifts for the Heart International We all know stuffed animals are cute, cuddly and adorable, but did you know they are also being used to help kids in needy countries? Lisa Stewart, a mother of four from Bellingham, Washington, has founded Gifts for the Heart International. read moreread more

Christmas from the Heart

Christmas from the Heart Do you love the allure of the holiday season, but often find yourself lost in the hustle and bustle? Well, you are NOT alone. These days, we are so bombarded by circulars, advertisements, and sales that it is easy to forget that Christmas is about much more than gifts under the tree. This season, share... read moreread more