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Let's Hear it for the Girls
What is that special thing that makes your daughter's face light up in a smile? Join the conversation as we talk about the special girls in our lives.

Product Review: Poco the Pup Zoobies Blanket Pet

Wearing Poco on my Head On her 4th birthday, my daughter received a Poco the Pup Zoobies blanket pet as a gift from her auntie. I would have to say it was love at first sight. She quickly tore the paper away, wrapped her arms around his soft furriness and three weeks later still has not let go. When I was able to pry Poco out of her hands, I showed her how to unroll the soft blanket that was hidden in his tummy. She was delighted at this discovery. The blanket, of course, was wonderful, but the open spot in his tummy was even better. read moreread more

More Than Just a Charm

CHARM IT!: More Than Just A Charm Did you ever wonder where charm bracelets originated? They were actually inspired by religious beliefs thousands of years ago. People would hang little ornaments made of precious metals on a cord or chain around their neck to represent their deity or a religious order. Since then, the idea of little charms attached to a chain have remained popular and can read moreread more

Planning a Stuffed Animal Birthday Party

Birthday BUnny When my little girl, Kati, was going to turn 8, she wanted to have a birthday party with her stuffed animals. I did a little research on the Internet and most of what I could find centered on going to a Build-A-Bear store and having a party there. That’s not exactly what we were looking for so we put on our thinking caps and got a little creative. read moreread more

A Press N Dress Birthday Surprise

Press n Dress Giftique Set Remember as a child playing with paper dolls? I spent countless hours as a young girl painstakingly cutting out each shape exactly on the line including those little tabs which were used to hold the dress to the doll figure. I had completely forgotten about the paper dolls I loved so dearly for many years until my daughter... read moreread more

A Charming Gift for Friendship Month

Best Friends We are a military family and recently transferred to a base in North Carolina. It has been hard on the kids moving from town to town so I was really excited when my teenage daughter Kati, received her first invitation for a sleep over. It was actually a birthday party celebration with a sleepover at the end. read moreread more