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Welcome to the CDK Kids Blog. We're here for the love of kids, toys, imagination and creativity, and family-friendly, smile-enducing conversation. We'd love for you to join in!

New Bloco Foam Building Sets Unleash Imagination

Lizards & Chameleons Bloco Foam Building Set I’m excited to introduce you to the newest addition to our funhouse…When our shipment of Bloco Construction Toys arrived, we couldn’t wait to dig in and test them out. Selecting a “middle of the pack” set (not the biggest set, but not the smallest either), we opened the Scorpions and Insects box to discover its contents. What we discovered was… awesomeness in foam; high-density foam to be exact. The pieces were all die-cut and easily removed from the foam sheets and we immediately (okay, it took a few minutes to decide who would make what) started following the instructions and constructing our chosen designs. And it was decided… read more...

Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Creative Pumpkin Decorating Halloween is almost here! Finding time to wield sharp knives and carve our pumpkins can be difficult, not to mention how messy it can be – so here are some great ‘non-carve’ ideas for your pumpkin. You can easily decorate creative pumpkins with items you already have at home. Here are some great tips read more...

Don’t Let Technology Drain Your Kids' Creativity & Imagination

Children Learn While Playing In perusing the abundance of toys available these days, I am always amazed at the number of them that light up, make noise, move on their own, etc. It seems like everything has to have something electronic in it any more. And the number of “screen” toys aimed at our kids (even young kids) seems to grow daily. read more...

Cleaning Tips for your Cuddly Plush Critters

Girl Playing in Stuffed Animals We all have a precious memory of our favorite childhood stuffed animal; the one we dragged with us everywhere, spilled juice on, hugged, and loved as our very best friend. Stuffed animals are a must-have childhood accessory, but they do indeed get dirty! Keeping these cuddly fur balls clean can be difficult, so here are some tips to keep them lasting read more...

Making your Home BOO-tiful for Halloween

Jack O Lantern Halloween Wall Decals Decorating for Halloween does not need to be daunting or costly. Take a cue from your young child’s enthusiasm and delight for Halloween – keep it simple, and have fun! The best way to keep festivities stress-free and fun is to involve your children in making homemade Halloween décor projects. Creating Halloween décor doesn’t require you to be Martha Stewart – honestly your children will only remember the fun they had decorating and creating with you, not how perfect the decorations were. read more...