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Welcome to the CDK Kids Blog. We're here for the love of kids, toys, imagination and creativity, and family-friendly, smile-enducing conversation. We'd love for you to join in!

The Real Heroes

May we never forget... My family recently relocated to upstate New York. One weekend we decided to take a break from the craziness of unpacking and take a trip into New York City. It had been a few years since I myself had visited the city, so I too was eager as we hopped on a train to Grand Central Station. The train itself is a gift to parents because instead of fighting traffic while listening to the kids argue over who-touched-who, you can sit back and relax while enjoying views of the beautiful Hudson river. When the kids argue, you just pretend they don’t belong to you. :) Upon arriving in the city, read moreread more

Product Review: Bloco Birds of Prey

Adam with Bloco Birds of Prey My 10 year old son would best be described as a Lego maniac. He has Legos covering his floor, spilling out of the closet, and filling numerous large plastic bins in his room. On a whim, I decided to try out a new building type toy for his 11th birthday. I bought him the Birds of Prey foam building set from Bloco. When he opened the gift it took a few minutes for him to register that this was not in fact another box of Lego’s. read moreread more

Product Review: Poco the Pup Zoobies Blanket Pet

Wearing Poco on my Head On her 4th birthday, my daughter received a Poco the Pup Zoobies blanket pet as a gift from her auntie. I would have to say it was love at first sight. She quickly tore the paper away, wrapped her arms around his soft furriness and three weeks later still has not let go. When I was able to pry Poco out of her hands, I showed her how to unroll the soft blanket that was hidden in his tummy. She was delighted at this discovery. The blanket, of course, was wonderful, but the open spot in his tummy was even better. read moreread more

Product Review: Wild Horses Wall Decals

Wild Horses Wall Decals Stock Image My oldest daughter, Kati, has been a horse lover since she was born. I still remember putting her on the saddle in front of me and listening to her squeal with pleasure when I asked the horse to trot. Now my little girl is 14 and has a horse of her own she trots around the arena all by herself! Though she is a teenager now, she is still a little girl at heart who loves horses. I recently purchased the Wild Horses wall decals for her bedroom. She loved the different horse designs and got right to work using them in read moreread more

Cheerful Givers

Cheerful Givers Happy Birthday Boy It's so important to give back to our community and the world all year round; not just in the holiday season and one of our favorite organizations is Cheerful Givers. They put together birthday gift bags and distribute them to shelters and food shelves, for parents who are experiencing a difficult financial time in their lives. Their mission is to reach out to these families and enable them to give their children a birthday gift. Cheerful Givers has provided more than 600,000 children with special birthday gift bags since their beginning in 1994. You and your family can join Cheerful read moreread more