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Welcome to the CDK Kids Blog. We're here for the love of kids, toys, imagination and creativity, and family-friendly, smile-enducing conversation. We'd love for you to join in!

Benefits of Pretend Play

Girl Teaching Stuffed Animals Have you ever watched your child play dress up with your clothes or crawl on the floor meowing like a kitty? These are great examples of pretend play and while they may seem simple, these pretend play skills actually strengthen many areas of your child’s development. read more...

Motivating Your Child to Read

Dad and Son Reading One of the most important things you can do as a parent is to help your child enjoy reading. It is an investment of time and energy well worth the effort. While kids learn to read in school, they can often begin to associate reading with work and not pleasure. This can have a bad effect causing them to lose their desire to read. One of the most effective ways to encourage your child to read is by reading aloud to them. You cannot start read more...

Personalized Sports Books

The Soccer Star Personalized Children's Book Sports are pretty important in our family. If you are blessed with a little sports fan in your family, what better way to encourage reading while teaching kids about sports, than a personalized book? Personalized books not only teach kids important values and life lessons, they also make the child the star of the story! These books are a great way to help a child unplug from games and electronics and plug into their imagination. Here are a few of my favorites: In Baseball’s Unsung Hero, read more...

Why Reading at Bedtime is Important

Mother Goose Personalized Children's Book The traditional “bedtime” story is a staple in many family homes and for good reason. Not only does it help a child settle down after being active all day, it is also a wonderful bonding time for you and your child. If you have never read to your kids at night, they may seem surprised when you first mention it. After only a few nights, most kids are excited about a bedtime story and running for the bookshelf to pick out their favorite. Whether you are a bedtime story beginner, or a seasoned pro searching for something new to read, consider a personalized bedtime story book. read more...

Benefits of Personalized Books

The Sports Book If you are thinking about purchasing a personalized book for that special child in your life, do not delay. Aside from being one of the most thoughtful and unique gifts you can give, personalized books have many other benefits as well. In this fast paced world, electronics such as television screens and video games can take over our children’s time and attention. Reading can get pushed back or not even done at all. When a child receives a personalized book, it can help bring back the joy of reading. Many of the stories have a confidence read more...