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Welcome to the CDK Kids Blog. We're here for the love of kids, toys, imagination and creativity, and family-friendly, smile-enducing conversation. We'd love for you to join in!

Personalized Adventure Books for Kids

My Farm Adventure Personalized Children's Book As a writer, I have a passion for books. As a writer who is also a mother, I want my kids to share that passion for books. I can think of no better way to spark a child’s interest in reading, than to make them the star of their own adventure. What I’m referring to are personalized books for kids. Many companies offer these types of books today. By providing basic information such as your child’s name and hometown, they instantly become the star of their own story. read moreread more

Baby and Sibling Personalized Children’s Books

Special Delivery Personalized Children's Book Personalized books are not just great baby gifts for your friends and family, but a creative and unique way to make your own child feel special. As a mother of three, even my teenager still enjoys hearing stories about the day she was born. In the book, Special Delivery, the details of your child’s birth are recorded using adorable characters such as Topper the Turtle, Squeeky Squirrel, and Bouncy Bunny. Think of how much fun your son or daughter will have looking back and reading about their birth day. read moreread more

Let’s Have Fun and Play!

Holli & Heidi Playing Dress Up Kids create new universes everyday. Part of creativity is critical thinking... How do I create a fort or a tea set out of these yogurt containers and plastic dishes? Though they may not say the words, they relate to the objects and start planning. They create in their worlds much of what they have seen and want to see - such as acting like a dolphin or walking around the house on all fours like a cat. They learn by repeating, not only adults, but by using their own imaginations. read moreread more

Baby Shower Fever

Baby Shower It seems everywhere I go these days I’m seeing pregnant mothers-to-be or newborn babies. Having three children of my own, I have no inclination whatsoever to add to my brood but it is fun to see so many parents growing their families. If you know an expecting mother or perhaps have been invited to a shower, here is a fun and unique list read moreread more

Baby Shower Ideas

Baby Shower Bee Cake By Annalee Has the task of throwing a baby shower fallen into your lap? No worries, here at CDK,we’ve got you covered with unique and fun baby shower ideas that will have your guests raving. read moreread more