Cinnabear Chow Chow Wuff & Friends Stuffed Animal

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This is Cinnabear, a cute and cuddly Chow Chow stuffed animal from the loveable Wuff & Friends collection. Don't you just love his sweet face? This plush Chow puppy dog is amazingly adorable with soft tan hi-pile fur, cream tummy and waggly tail, dark brown inner ears, muzzle, and feet, and a fun dark gray tongue just waiting to give you a kiss. One look into Cinnabear the Chow Chow's sweet black eyes and you know you'll be friends for life!

Fun Facts about Chow Chow Dogs: Did you know that Chow Chow coats can be rough or smooth haired and that the Rough-haired Chow is less active and less outgoing with strangers than the Smooth-coated Chow? Who knew that hair could make such a difference!
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