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Cloth Activity Books for Children

Mom & Child Reading My Quiet Book

How do you get your infant or toddler interested in reading? Try a cloth activity book. These books are colorful, fun, and provide a soft touch and feel for your little one to experience. This will naturally encourage their curiosity and help get them interested in reading. Yeah!

Even before a child learns to walk or talk, they listen closely to the sound of their mother and father’s voices. Reading nursery rhymes and simple stories to your infant will help them develop their language skills and identify the difference between sounds.

Lullaby and Goodnight BookCloth books such as Lullaby and Goodnight include handles so your child can carry it around or bring it to bed. It even plays Brahms’ lullaby when the bear’s tummy is pressed! My little girl hides it under her pillow then plays the music all night long. Books such as this help make nighttime routines easier and more fun (except for the all-night party in the nursery :) ).

The beauty of cloth books is that they offer a small child something to feel, touch, look at and think about. It helps them to associate pictures with meaning. As you point out things in the pictures, they will then begin to use their eyes to connect pictures to words.

As babies grow they are able to sit in your lap and reach out to feel the book while you turn the pages. Eventually, they learn to turn the pages themselves! This helps an infant feel good about the things they can do while developing fine motor skills and sharing a moment with mom or dad.

My Quiet BookThe My Quiet Book is filled with more creative learning activities such as snapping a snap, tying a shoe and buttoning a button. My toddler enjoys the textures, zippers and the clock with hands that move. It is a great way for her to entertain herself quietly for hours.

Children are having fun and learning at the same time while parents get to enjoy watching their little one grow. Cloth books are a win-win for all!

Cloth Activity Books