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Creative Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Creative Pumpkin Decorating
Halloween is almost here! Finding time to wield sharp knives and carve our pumpkins can be difficult, not to mention how messy it can be – so here are some great ‘non-carve’ ideas for your pumpkin. You can easily decorate creative pumpkins with items you already have at home. Here are some great tips to adorn your pumpkin without ever touching its gooey insides, leaving those innards for yummy treats later:

First, look around your home. Your craft room, sewing room, or junk drawer all hold great pumpkin possibilities! Gather items such as yarn, string, elastic, glitter, fabric, and paint. Once you have gathered all your household items, you will want to grab some glue and begin decorating.

Decorate with yarn. Lightly coat your entire pumpkin with glue or, for smaller hands, coat a section of the pumpkin at a time. (A paint brush will come in handy for this step.) Start randomly wrapping your pumpkin in numerous colors of yarn. You can keep wrapping until the entire pumpkin is covered or you can leave bits of orange showing – it is up to you. Either way you will have created a unique and crafty yarn pumpkin.

Glitter pumpkin. For a sparkly and glamorous pumpkin, cover it with colorful glitter! Simply coat your pumpkin with glue as you would for the yarn pumpkin, and then begin shaking on the glitter. Voila! Your pumpkin has turned into a disco ball.

Duct tape. Decorating pumpkins with duct tape is a big trend right now. Look through your local craft store for a variety of duct tape colors. You will be surprised to find zebra stripes, sports themes, and even polka dots! Simply cover your pumpkin with the tape (either horizontally or vertically) to create a really neat effect.

Paint or markers. What better way to use up left over paints than to paint your pumpkins? Get your kids together, grab some brushes and poster paint, and allow them to make their own pumpkin masterpieces. (Smaller pie pumpkins may be easier for little hands.) If you don’t want to paint free-hand, then use a stencil to paint on a silly face, spooky message, or fun picture. Permanent markers are great for creating pumpkin art, too!

Safety first! All these great carve-free ideas keep little hands safe, but there is also the lighting of the pumpkin that can be dangerous. So, here is a simple tip: use battery operated tea lights or glow sticks in all your pumpkins this year. They are safe yet still add a spooky glow to your pumpkins.

Eyes are watching. Here is a really neat effect that will have your trick-or-treaters spooked! Take two small pie pumpkins and carve out a circle to look like an eye; add tea lights (or glow sticks) and nestle the pumpkins side by side on your garden path or in a bush to create creepy ‘eyes’ watching your every move.

Leaf bags. Maybe you don’t have time for all of this. Well, you can still decorate your home and do a lawn clean up at the same time. Rake all those pesky leaves into an orange trash bag. You can purchase trash bags that already look like pumpkins or you can simply draw a pumpkin face on an orange bag with black permanent marker – either way, these leaf-filled bags add big Halloween curb appeal.

These easy, last minute décor ideas allow you and your family to have fun using their imaginations with everyday items.

Happy Halloween!!!!