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Dromedary Camel Cuddlekins Stuffed Animal

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This sweet Cuddlekins stuffed dromedary camel is looking for a forever home and hopes to find it with you. You can be sure that plush camels make great pets as they have wonderful dispositions and don't spit like real camels do. With a cuddly body of soft tan fur and fun textured light brown fur on its hump, this adorable camel is hoping you'll want to adopt him into your family. He doesn't eat much yet thrives on fun, adventure, and love.

Wild Republic as created this stuffed dromedary camel with nature and education in mind so he includes an informational tag as follows...

Hi! I'm a camel. I am often called the "ship of the desert" because I can carry heavy loads for great distances across the burning desert sands. I can also go for long periods of time without food or water. I store fat in my hump, and use it in place of food for energy. When I get water... watch out! I can drink up to 32 gallons at one go! BURP!

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this Cuddlekins Dromedary Camel stuffed animal helps to provide housing and education for disadvantaged children, as well as protection for abandoned animals throughout the world.
Product Details
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14"l x 10"h
All Ages
Surface Washable
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