Duck Handfuls Stuffed Animal

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What a little cutie this Handfuls stuffed duck is! With soft and knappy yellow fur, orange feet and bill, and fun floppy wings, this adorable plush duck has a shock of white hair atop its head and a sweet little face you will just fall in love with. You won't have to worry about water on your floor with this cuddly duck as your companion!

Fun Facts: What is a group of ducks called? Well, you have a few choices... a raft, team, or paddling. Makes you want to take ducks to the lake!

Famous Ducks: Donald and Daisy Duck; Daffy Duck; Quackers (from Tom & Jerry cartoons); Rubber Duckie (Ernie's bath toy from Sesame Street)
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7.5" (laying down)
3 and up
Surface Washable
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