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Entertaining Kids for Free

Kids Drawing Contentedly
My three year old is highly intelligent, exuding with energy and endlessly curious. Did I also say that she wears me out trying to keep up with her? I work from home and watch my little angel at the same time. Some days are better than others.

Lately it seems that she has been even more curious than normal and has torn apart the pantry, the bathroom and every closet in the house. After walking in her room to find a loaf of bread half eaten and scattered on the floor, I asked her what in the world it was doing there. She looked at me like I was nuts and simply replied, “I was hungry.”

That’s when I decided it was time to occupy her time with some new activities. I found some great resources for free things you can do with your kids from home and want to share my favorites.

SheKnows: SheKnows has four great free activities for kids that you can easily do to entertain your family. The best part: The free activities often inspire more creativity — and are more fun — than those that cost money.

Top 4 Kids Free (or nearly free) Events: Looking for ways to entertain your kids on the cheap? Consider one or more of these store-sponsored events.

CDK Kids: Fun and free coloring pages, word find puzzles, crossword puzzles, and calendars from your friends at CDK-Kids. Click, print, Enjoy!

Free Stuff for Kids: FreeStuff4Kids mission is to keep kids busy and happy, so here is a selection of fun stuff to do with the kids from TONS of stuff on their site.

Hope you and your little ones enjoy and let’s keep the bread in the pantry where it belongs!

~ J.D. (Guest Blogger)