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Fun Games for a Dynamite Birthday Party

Party Ideas
I always wanted to be the mom who threw the best birthday parties on the block. I will admit to being a little green with envy when my neighbors hired a three ring circus for their son, Timmy, and sectioned off the street for a private neighborhood block party. How would I ever top that?

The truth is, I couldn’t top it so I decided to throw a great, fun, memorable birthday party by letting my kids do what they do best. Play.

The best part of a birthday party is not always the cake or gifts, but quite often the fun and games that are played. The great memories made and remembered will more likely be from the laughs over Pin the Tail on the Donkey while nobody will remember that the cake was a chocolate marble.

Great games can be played with minimal supplies and help to ensure that everybody has a wonderful time. When choosing games, be sure to keep in mind the age group of the kids and feel free to tailor a certain game to make it age appropriate.

Here are some great creative games that are sure to make any party a hit with kids and adults alike:
  • Zoo Hunt
  • This is a variation of the old Mouse Hunt game. Purchase an assortment of cute cuddly keychains. Write each child's name on a sticker and place one on the bottom of each critter. Hide the ‘zoo’ around the house and let each guest seek them out until they find their own little animal. The keychain also doubles as a party favor for the kids and mom gets out of stuffing goodie bags.
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Find or purchase an assortment of items such as toys, stuffed animals, flags or books. Hide the items in your home, yard or even the surrounding neighborhood. Create a list of “clues” for the kids to follow and let them hunt down each item. Larger parties can be divided into smaller groups and they can even compete with each other to see who can find all the items first.
  • You’re Extinct!
  • Get a very large appliance-sized box. Use paint and markers to decorate it to look like a cave and you can even get the kids to help. Cut or tape the ends of the box open so the kids can walk through it. When the guests arrive at the party, have them line up outside the box. Play your favorite music and while the music is playing each child takes a turn walking through the box. When the music stops, the kid that is inside the box is extinct! The last guest who isn’t extinct is the winner. This is a great game for any dinosaur themed party as well.
~ Jennifer