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Giraffe Sweet & Sassy Stuffed Animal

Item Codewrsas10053
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AvailabilityThis item has been retired and is no longer available
I am a Sweet & Sassy stuffed giraffe and we are going to be the best of friends! I am vibrantly colored and my soft blue fur has fun swirls. My white accents are also soft and my hot pink hooves have a special shimmer. I have lots of fluffiness in my hot pink mane and tail tuft as well as the white around my feet. Just look into my sweet face and you will see a fun pattern in my beautiful blue eyes.

And I take sweet plush giraffe-iness to a whole new level... Yup! You're looking at a lovable stuffed giraffe with information to share. I come with an animal information tag as follows...

Hello! I am a giraffe. I come from Africa, and I'm very, very tall... almost 19 feet tall! I have a long, long neck which I use to pluck leaves from the tops of trees. I also have little horns on top of my head, which are very useful in protecting my head when I get into fights. I am generally a silent guy... but when I want, I can cough and snort, grunt and even hiss!

And check this out... When you purchase me (aka Sweet & Sassy plush giraffe), a portion of the proceeds helps to provide housing and education for disadvantaged children, as well as protection for abandoned animals throughout the world. It's definitely a win - win - win situation!
Product Details
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All Ages
Surface Washable
Blue / White / Pink
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