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Grandpa’s Valentine’s Day Surprise

I Luv U Hearts
My grandfather is a wonderful man, but lacks a little bit in the “romantic husband” category. Bless him for trying but after years of watching him give my grandmother horrible gifts, like a vacuum for her birthday or a new hunting rifle on their anniversary, I had pretty much given up on him. One year I thought he had done a better job when my grandmother opened a lovely pair of earrings for her birthday. He was so close. Unfortunately, the earrings were for pierced ears and my grandmother wears the clip on style.

My grandfather’s attempts were certainly funny stories to laugh about in our family, but I knew deep down that my grandmother longed for something sweet and romantic from the man she had loved for over forty years.

During a recent visit to our home my grandfather seemed very interested in the fabric wall letters I had used to decorate my son’s room. I had used them to spell out the words “Rock Star” on his wall, and admittedly, they were pretty cool. He asked where I got them and I told him from CDK Kids.

Several weeks passed and I thought nothing further of it. Then, I received an unexpected call from my grandmother on Valentine’s day. Because she was calling on that day in particular I braced myself thinking he had probably bought her a welding torch or something. Surprisingly, she was gushing with excitement as she told me how she sat down at her desk that morning to catch up on some bills.

As she sat down, she looked up and hanging on the wall were three red fabric hearts. They spelled out “I LUV U”. My grandfather had said nothing to give away his surprise and hung them the night before making sure she did not see them until Valentine’s day. It was then I realized what that sneaky man had been up to and why he had been so interested in those letters.

Well done grandpa. Well done.

~ Jennifer