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How to Beat Rainy (or Snowy) Day Blues

Games help beat the rainy / snowy day blues
It’s wintertime and in our little town the rains have been relentless. The backyard is a muddy bog and the basketball hoop that was in the front driveway is stored away for the season. My kids have been stir crazy stuck inside on nights and weekends with nothing but electronics to keep them entertained.

Frustrated, one night after dinner I had a “plug pulling” party. I went around and unplugged every television, video game and computer in the house. Once everybody recovered from their heart attack, I invited them into the kitchen for an old fashioned board game. My favorite is Squiqqle and if you have never played, it is quite the riot.

What began as quiet uneasiness quickly turned into roaring laughter and fun. The simplicity of looking at each other, talking, laughing, interacting and playing had a positive effect on every member of our family. In a world filled with so many kinds of screens and gadgets, it is easy to get lost and sometimes you have to make an effort to have some old fashioned fun.

Now, family game night has become a regular activity. The kids even look forward to it and have begun finding new games for us to try out. Our family bond has been strengthened and we have also created so many wonderful memories it is impossible to recount them all.

To any family looking to beat the rainy (or snowy) day blues, or simply reconnect with each other. I would suggest pulling a few plugs and dusting off those board games. I can say without hesitation it will be time well spent!

~ Jennifer