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Let Us Thank God Personalized Children's Book

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Let Us Thank God is a warmly illustrated personalized children's book that shows early readers many reasons we have to be thankful, including our senses, friends, family, and more. Your child will enjoy this personalized story and illustrations, and will learn to take time to reflect on the gifts God has given all of us. The final page is a prayer, Let Us Thank God.

What's a Create-A-Book? Each book in our Create-A-Book Collection is fully personalized with important information about your child including child's full name and age, friends' names, hometown and more! Our durable construction features wipe-clean hard covers, laser-print pages and full-color illustrations (except where otherwise noted) which serve to create lifetime keepsakes.
Read part of the story (Personalized information is indicated by parentheses.)
  • Hi (Child). My name is Gabriel. (GiftFrom) have presented this book to you in (Hometown), so that you can learn some of the reasons why we give thanks to God.
  • The first gift God gave you was life. You were a gift of God to your parents. They love you no matter what. Their love and protection are two more of God's gifts. Because there is life, let us thank God.
  • At sunset, God paints the sky in brilliant colors and He does it again at sunrise. (Child), did you know that God uses every color when He makes a rainbow? Because we can see, let us thank God.
  • God gave you ears to hear. Sounds, like singing birds, meowing cats, buzzing bees, beeping horns, musical instruments, ringing bells, and much more, are all around us. Because we can hear, let us thank God.
  • God gave you a nose to smell with. Some smells, like flowers and chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven, are nice. Other smells, like dirty socks and the spray of a skunk, are not so nice. PU. Because we can smell, let us thank God.
  • God gave you a tongue to taste with. There are many different kinds of things to taste, like smooth chocolate candy bars, sour lemons, tangy oranges, and salty popcorn. Do you like ice cream, (Child)? Your tongue comes in very handy when you have an ice cream cone to lick. If you didn't have a tongue, you couldn't talk, sing, or shout! Because we can taste, let us thank God.
  • God gave you hands to feel with. Everything around you, like the rough surface of a stone, the softness of a feather, and the smoothness of your favorite slide, has a different feeling. Feeling can also tell you if something is hot, like your mashed potatoes, or cold, like your popsicle. Because we can touch, let us thank God.
  • God gave you animals to share your world. He made useful farm animals like horses, cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens. He made wild animals that live in green forests, rolling fields, hot deserts, and lands of frozen ice. God filled the air with many kinds of birds, and He filled the water with fish and lots of other fascinating creatures. But God didn't stop there, (Child)...
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6.75" x 8.25"
Full-Color Pictures & Laser-Printed Text
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Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
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