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Make Your Child the Star of Their Own Story and Get Them Interested in Reading

Personalized Children's Books Get Kids Interested in Reading
Some children just naturally love to sit down and get lost in a good book – but not many – most children have to be pried, pulled, and bribed in order to sit still and listen during story time. Numerous studies have shown that early readers do better in school, and that reading at least twenty minutes every day can turn your child into a better reader and a better student overall. But how can we get our active children to sit still and listen to a good book, or get them to stare at a book the way they do their gaming station? One great way is through personalized books.

Kids are naturally ego centric – the world is theirs and revolves around them! So what better way to grab their attention than to write a book all about them. Personalized books make your child the star of their own story! These books take your child’s name, age, name of family and friends, and even the family pet, and include it all in your child’s very own story.

My Farm Adventure Personalized Childrens Book Allow your child to go on their own personal adventure with their family and friends, or create a special birthday book as a gift. These books not only act as an heirloom and personal child-size memoir – but more importantly they can get your child interested in reading.

Reading is a life-long skill. It's so nice to forget about all our worries and get lost in an adventure or mystery who-done-it story. Teaching our children that a good book can take them anywhere with the turn of a page is a gift that all kids should receive. So if you struggle to get your child involved in a good book, try a personalized story – see if the world according to them will get them hooked on reading.

Please share with us your own stories or tips for encouraging your child to read, and be sure to check out our line of personalized stories for young and old alike.

Personalized Children's Books - Make 'em a Star!