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Making your Home BOO-tiful for Halloween

Jack O Lantern Halloween Wall Decals
Decorating for Halloween does not need to be daunting or costly. Take a cue from your young child’s enthusiasm and delight for Halloween – keep it simple, and have fun! The best way to keep festivities stress-free and fun is to involve your children in making homemade Halloween décor projects. Creating Halloween décor doesn’t require you to be Martha Stewart – honestly your children will only remember the fun they had decorating and creating with you, not how perfect the decorations were.

So here are some easy ways to involve the kids and make your home BOO-tiful for Halloween

Decorate your pumpkins with household items. Make a scavenger list of items that your child can find around your home, such as yarn, glitter, colored paper, duck tape, fabric, and buttons; send your child on a household hunt for these items, and remind them to use their imaginations as well, thinking of items that may be useful for decorating. Once all the items are collected, sit at your kitchen table and begin decorating your pumpkins! Glue strips of fabric vertically along your pumpkins, or glue buttons on a pumpkin for eyes and a mouth. Buttons can also be used to spell out scary words on your pumpkin such as, BOO! Allow your children to ‘think outside the pumpkin’ so to speak, letting them create their own, unique pumpkin masterpiece.

Make your own ghosts. Another fun and easy project that your children will love is making ghosts. Gather five or six white trash can bags (preferably ones that do not have a colored pull strip for closing) and fill the bottom half of each bag with crumpled newspapers. Then you simply cinch the bag in the middle (forming a rounded head and flowing body) and secure it with a piece of white yarn or string. Let the kids to use black markers to make creative ghost faces and then hang your ghosts from a tree in the yard. If you hang the ghosts with clear fishing wire, it will look like you have ghosts dancing in your front yard – an effect the children are sure to love!

Use peel and stick wall decals. Wall decals come in all sorts of fun forms for Halloween such as skeletons, bats, and jack-o-lanterns. These wall decals are inexpensive and easy for your children to place on any wall. Don’t worry mom and dad, they are made for the walls so they come off easily and won’t leave a mark.

We would love for you to share your fun decorating ideas with us using the comments link below, and please visit our website to see our Halloween jack-o-lantern and skeleton wall decals.

Happy Halloween!

From Your friends at CDK Kids :)