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Move Over Legos

Boy with Bloco Combat Dragon
My ten year old son is a bit of a Lego maniac. I wish I were exaggerating this addiction but sadly, it’s just the truth. Since he was very small, he has always enjoyed the task of building fantastic spaceships, rockets, race cars, and monsters galore.

The age rating on the side of the box does not apply because, even at age 7, he was building sets that may have stumped a teenager. Even sets with a piece count in the thousands do not intimidate him. I simply look at the instruction booklet and get a headache and have to sit down.

While I am thrilled my little dude has such a wonderful pastime, I wanted to break him out of this Lego mania and try something new. I purchased the Dinosaurs Foam Bloco building set and surprised my son with it. Unsure of what to do, he just stopped and stared at it for a long time.

An hour later, he had it totally assembled and was proudly showing it off to me and my husband. He also was very meticulous in explaining to us why the Bloco set was cool and what it could do that his Legos could not. My husband and I were impressed by the Bloco set and also thrilled to see our little man venturing out of his comfort zone.

Next we purchased the Robot Invasion. That was followed by the Combat Dragon. As a mom, I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality, colors, and variety of sets available. My son is over the top on all the new things he can build and use to play with in his free time.

While Legos certainly are a wonderful product, I would not hesitate to recommend the Bloco Building Sets as a great substitute or alternative for any young person!

~ Jennifer