My Quiet Book Cloth Activity Book

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My Quiet Book is a wonderful cloth activity book in which play meets learning with creative activities on every page. Kids practice buttoning a button, snapping a snap, and tying a shoe with our hand-crafted My Quiet Book cloth activity book. Complete with zippered closure, My Quiet Book also has textures to touch and zippers to zip, a clock with hands that move and more. A great gift for baby showers, christenings or birthdays.
NoteThis My Quiet Book cloth activity book can be easily personalized at your local embroidery shop.
Product Details
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Approx. 8.25" x 8.5" (closed, not including handles)
All Ages
Educational Highlights
Builds motor skills with manipulation of buttons, zippers, etc.; Teaches shapes, colors and numbers; Addresses the many skills children need to learn
Dr. Toy Best Classic Toys Award
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