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I am a Sweet & Sassy stuffed owl and you know what is fabulous about that? Not only do I have a wonderfully huggable body, I have a heart-shaped gem on my soft pink chest! You will just love my super-soft fabric which is a vibrant pink with purple and white mixed in, and my fluffy parts (ears, under my wings, and around my face) are all silky-soft light pink with a nifty shine to them. And it gets even better - my feet, beak, and around my eyes have sparkles! Gaze into my sweet face and you will be mezmorized by the pink hearts surrounding my pink eyes.

And I take sweet plush owl-ness to a whole new level... Yup! You're looking at a lovable stuffed owl with information to share. I come with an animal information tag as follows...

Hi! I am an owl. I'm a night bird. I sleep during the day so that I can hunt at night. My vision is very sharp and my eyes are on the front of my head; not on the sides like other birds. My hearing is very sharp too, and I can turn my head almost a full circle... amazing, huh? I hunt rodents, insects, frogs, and birds... but no creature hunts me! Isn't that great?

And check this out... When you purchase me (aka Sweet & Sassy plush owl), a portion of the proceeds helps to provide housing and education for disadvantaged children, as well as protection for abandoned animals throughout the world. It's definitely a win - win - win situation!
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