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Page Pal Bookmarks: A Mom’s Best Kept Secret

Page Pal Tiger Plush Bookmark in BookI have a little secret. I am not the best dressed mom on the block. I don’t bake the greatest brownies or throw the most elaborate birthday parties. I do, however, have a few little secrets that have helped me be voted “Favorite Mom” in our neighborhood for the last three years running.

Perhaps my most treasured mommy secret is the Page Pal Plush Bookmark and here is why:

Party Favor: The Frog Page Pal is a wonderful party favor for any little boy’s birthday party. It is not candy and won’t rot any teeth or cause health concerns. It is a high quality keepsake and will not end up in the landfill like so much of the plastic stuff kids bring home. It can also be partnered with a personalized book for an instant hit with kids and their parents at any party.

Stocking or Basket Stuffer: There are Gingerbread Man, Santa and Snowman designs which make a perfect stocking stuffers. They look adorable poking out and are cherished by kids and adults. There is also a loveable bunny design in a variety of colors perfect for any child’s Easter basket.

Child Motivator: I’ve used the Zebra Page Pal as a chore-chart-child-motivator. I simply hang it on the chore chart where my child can see it every day. When they complete all their chores for a length of time, they earn the bookmark. It has worked much better than stickers which I found peeled off the chart and stuck on floors, walls and computer screens.

Animal Replacement: When my son kept hammering me non-stop to get a hamster, I bought him the Page Pals Hamster which made him laugh and got me off the hook for another animal to feed and clean up after.

Truly a versatile and wonderful item, the Page Pals Plush Bookmarks are a sure fire hit any parent can add to their list of “secret weapons”.


~ Jennifer