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Personalized Adventure Books for Kids

My Farm Adventure Personalized Children's Book As a writer, I have a passion for books. As a writer who is also a mother, I want my kids to share that passion for books. I can think of no better way to spark a child’s interest in reading, than to make them the star of their own adventure.

What I’m referring to are personalized books for kids. Many companies offer these types of books today. By providing basic information such as your child’s name and hometown, they instantly become the star of their own story.

One such book is The Train with No Name. In this delightful book filled with full color illustrations, your child will learn they do not have to be big to be important. In the story, your son or daughter becomes the hero as they climb aboard the little track tester and turn into the brave engineer who saves the train from impending danger.

Another type of adventure book is My Farm Adventure. In this story, the child becomes a famous detective who must solve the mystery of why the farm animals’ friend, Rooster, is missing. The talking animals hire your child to locate Rooster. You child will have a blast analyzing evidence, talking to witnesses and using their best detective skills to solve the mystery.

The beauty of personalized books is that they seamlessly weave your child into the story. Regardless of which book you choose, the end result is a fun filled story that will make your child feel unique and special.

~ Jennifer