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Planning a Stuffed Animal Birthday Party

Birthday BUnny
When my little girl, Kati, was going to turn 8, she wanted to have a birthday party with her stuffed animals. I did a little research on the Internet and most of what I could find centered on going to a Build-A-Bear store and having a party there. That’s not exactly what we were looking for so we put on our thinking caps and got a little creative.

Instead, we invited all of her friends and asked that they each bring their favorite stuffed animal to the party. Upon arrival, each young lady was directed to a table with blank name tags, markers, and colorful ribbons. They had a blast creating nametags for themselves and their animal friends, then tying them on ribbons to wear around their necks.

Once all the girls had arrived, we played several games like pin the tail on the teddy bear and doggie doggie where’s your bone. The girls giggled and laughed the entire time and had so much fun making their animal friends part of the party. We then enjoyed a birthday cake in the shape of a stuffed animal and other assorted healthy treats like fruit kabobs.

Finally, each girl received a cute and adorable Handfuls stuffed animal as a parting gift. Instead of the traditional goody bag filled with candy or plastic toys that break quickly, the Handfuls were a delightful reminder of the party and a special keepsake each girl could cherish forever.

At the end of the party, my daughter was thrilled. She claimed it had been her best birthday party ever and even a few of her friend’s mothers said they may steal the idea and use it as well. Not only was a stuffed animal birthday party unique, fun, and creative, the girls had a blast engaging in imaginative play and building lasting memories.

~ Jennifer