Playtime Matters – Best Toys for Toddlers

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Cloth PlaysetAll the research on childhood play is pointing to one thing these days: Kids need to be kids and playing with toys helps to build the foundations for learning. Those foundations are the building blocks they need to become the successful adults we want them to be.

Playing with toys helps toddlers learn to share, develop motor skills, find solutions to problems, and unlock their creativity. The best toys to hone these abilities are ones that require physical interaction and movement.

Here are some of the best toys for toddlers:

Baby Stella Dolls and AccessoriesFor Girls – Baby Stella Dolls & Accessories

Who would have guessed that playing with dolls was integral to girls’ mental, physical and emotional development? It’s true! Baby Stella Dolls are perfect examples and childhood favorites. Dressing them up in the adorable little outfits and strapping them into high chairs improves basic motor skills. When girls treat their dolls like real people – talking to, caring for, and sharing with them – they improve their everyday social and language skills. In addition, girls learn about responsibility, respect, and selflessness. So the next time the little girl in your life wants a doll, don’t hesitate! Get her a Baby Stella Doll.

Medieval Castle Soft Playset by Pockets of Learning For Boys – Medieval Castle Cloth Playset

Boys love their video games and radio-controlled cars, but these electronic toys limit the imagination and spawn lethargy. Cloth playsets by Pockets of Learning, on the other hand, allow boys to stretch their mind and show off their talents. The Medieval Castle playset is one of my favorites. Watch them lead two heroic knights into battle to defend the king and queen from the evil wizard and dangerous dragon. While deep into battle, they’ll be increasing their cognitive skills and strengthening hand-eye coordination without even realizing it! These cloth playsets are super fun, safe to use, and just what boys need to while away the day.

Now you know how much playtime matters and hopefully these toys will bring joy and learning to your boys and girls. With so much to offer, giving these gifts is like investing in a child’s future!