Product Review: Bloco Birds of Prey

Adam with Bloco Birds of Prey
My 10 year old son would best be described as a Lego maniac. He has Legos covering his floor, spilling out of the closet, and filling numerous large plastic bins in his room. On a whim, I decided to try out a new building type toy for his 11th birthday. I bought him the Birds of Prey foam building set from Bloco. When he opened the gift it took a few minutes for him to register that this was not in fact another box of Lego’s.

Adam Building with Bloco Birds of Prey
For a moment, I worried he would not like them, but my concerns were totally unfounded. He tore into the box and spent the next several hours assembling the foam blocks. He had a blast and I was amazed when he gave me a full demonstration of the Bloco creations and pointed out all the ways in which they were better than Legos.

Needless to say, the Bloco building set was a big hit and my son has already begun making a list of the next sets he wants to collect and build. I would highly recommend these foam building sets to any parent as a great educational toy that also provides many hours of fun and entertainment for your kids.