Product Review: Wild Horses Wall Decals

Wild Horses Wall Decals Stock Image
My oldest daughter, Kati, has been a horse lover since she was born. I still remember putting her on the saddle in front of me and listening to her squeal with pleasure when I asked the horse to trot. Now my little girl is 14 and has a horse of her own she trots around the arena all by herself!

Though she is a teenager now, she is still a little girl at heart who loves horses. I recently purchased the Wild Horses wall decals for her bedroom. She loved the different horse designs and got right to work using them in creative ways to decorate her room. I was delighted to find the decals used not just to decorate the walls, but also adorning her school notebook, bathroom mirror, and lampshades.

The decals brought back many happy memories of my daughter cutting out pictures of horses she would find in magazines and taping them to her wall – except the decals were much less work! These are a truly excellent product and I would highly recommend them. They were made from a high quality material, and easy to apply and remove without taking off the paint or damaging the wall.

Another truly great product from CDK!

~ J.D.