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Mountain Goat Cuddlekins Stuffed Animal
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Stately, yet huggable, this beautiful Cuddlekins stuffed mountain goat has soft white fur on its cuddly body. With gray hooves and picturesque horns, this Cuddlekins plush mountain goat has been designed with nature and education in mind and includes an animal information tag as follows...

Hi! I'm a mountain goat. Actually, I'm a goat-antelope, and the most sure footed of beasts, as my name suggests. I live in the highest peaks, from the mountains of Alaska to the Rockies. My beard and long, warm coat protect me from cold temperatures and biting mountain winds, while my dazzling white color provides good camouflage on the snowy heights. Did you know that I can leap nearly 12 feet in a single bound?

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this majestic Cuddlekins stuffed mountain goat helps to provide housing and education for disadvantaged children, as well as protection for abandoned animals throughout the world.

Product Details
Product Details
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Size 12"l
Age All Ages
Cleaning Surface Washable
Color White


Mountain Goat Cuddlekins Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic
Mountain Goat Cuddlekins Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic