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Bison Handfuls Stuffed Animal
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Home on the range has never been so much fun as it is with this adorable Handfuls stuffed bison. (Did you know that the American buffalo is really a bison, not a buffalo? It's true!) This little plush bison has a cuddly, understuffed body with soft brown fur, darker brown horns and hooves, and shaggy rust fur around the shoulders, head, and tail tuft. With a black nose and sweet brown eyes, this is one stuffed bison that doesn't mind if you insist on calling it a buffalo, as long as you let him be a friend for life.

Product Details
Product Details
UPC 6 40048 11283 1
Size 6.5"l
Age 3 and up
Color Brown


Bison Handfuls Stuffed Animal by Unipak Designs
Bison Handfuls Stuffed Animal by Unipak Designs