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Centaur Bloco Foam Building Set
Price: $15.95

Note: All models shown on box cannot be made simultaneously.
This The Centaur construction set can be combined with other Bloco foam building sets to create even more interesting creatures.

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Weight: 0.75 lb
With this amazing The Centaur Bloco foam building set you can follow the instructions to create 4 detailed Centaurs or let your creativity take over and create Centaurs based on your own imagination!

And once you've constructed them, these Bloco Centaurs are durable enough for imaginative play and adventure. Maybe your imagination takes you on a Harry Potter adventure or you take a magical trip to Narnia where the loyal Centaurs are friends for life. The ability to take the Centaurs apart and start again provides hours of creative construction and play.

The Centaur is a magical creature... half man, half horse. Bloco Toy lets you use different parts to build a centaur the way you imagine it. Bald headed and pointy eared? Shaggy haired or helmeted? You decide what your Centaur looks like.

What is Bloco?
Bloco is a one-of-a-kind construction toy that uses high-density foam designed in unique shapes with specialized plastic connectors. Pieces link together and rotate at any angle. You can build easy flat models or stack the pieces to create fantastic 3D creatures. Build the illustrated designs or let your imagination take charge!

Product Details
Product Details
UPC 8 46038 01104 1
Age 6 and up
Number of Pieces 125 pieces
Set Includes 103+ foam pieces, 18 connectors, 4 caps, and instruction sheet
Made in Canada


The Centaur Bloco Foam Building Set Packaging
The Centaur Bloco Foam Building Set Packaging
The Centaur Bloco Foam Building Set by Bloco Toys
The Centaur Bloco Foam Building Set by Bloco Toys