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Buffalo Plush Keychain Stuffed Animal
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Kids love to collect keychains and your bison-lovin', keychain-collectin' child will be excited to add this adorable little plush buffalo keychain to his or her collection. Cute and cuddly from every angle, this buffalo stuffed animal keychain is sure to delight with its soft brown fur, cream nose, fluffy beard, mane, and tail tuft, perky white horns, and sweet face. And there are no worries about your new pet roaming through your flower bed as this little buffalo is perfectly content to simply lie on its tummy or sit up and watch you when it's not adventuring with you on your backpack, purse, belt loop, or simply looped around your finger. Is your favorite mascot a buffalo or bison? Buffalo plush keychains are also great for rewards, giveaways, and birthday treat bags!

Fun Facts about American Bison: Did you know that what we normally refer to as a buffalo is actually called a bison? Don't feel bad, it's a common mistake. And like cattle, female bison are called cows and males are called bulls.

Product Details
Product Details
UPC 1 84499 05837 4
Size 4.75"l lying down (3"h sitting)
Age 3 and up
Color Brown
Cleaning Surface Washable


Buffalo Plush Keychain Stuffed Animal by Puzzled
Buffalo Plush Keychain Stuffed Animal by Puzzled