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Crab Mini Flopsies Stuffed Animal
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This adorable little Mini Flopsies plush crab has a huggable body of beautiful red fur which is so soft and shiny. With fun and floppy legs and claws, and sweet watchful eyes, this Mini Flopsies crab stuffed animal is excited about joining you for hours of imaginative adventures.

Fun Facts about Batwing Coral Crabs: The Batwing Coral Crab is found throughout the coastal waters of the western Atlantic Ocean from Florida to Brazil - including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Also called Queen Crab and Red Coral Crab, its shell may show the silhouette of a bat, giving rise to the crab's most common name. With a smooth, heavy carapace measuring 3 to 5 inches, it's the largest crab in the Caribbean. The Batwing's beautiful coloration features shades of brick red through orange with white and yellow spots. Living on coral reefs, and rocky rubble, this nocturnal crustacean prefers shallow waters. It's found in depths ranging form 3 feet to 45 feet.

Product Details
Product Details
UPC 0 92943 31317 0
Size 7.5"w x 6.5"l
Age All Ages
Cleaning Surface Washable
Color Red


Crab Mini Flopsies Stuffed Animal by Aurora World
Crab Mini Flopsies Stuffed Animal by Aurora World