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ABC Wall Hanging (Navy)
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This vibrant navy and yellow ABC educational cloth wall hanging is a fun, interactive way to help your child learn his or her letters. Each red capital letter of the alphabet is outlined in red embroidery on a beautiful background of navy blue, making the letters vivid and easy to read. Each letter's pocket, complete with yellow embroidered edges, holds a fun removable fabric object representing that particular letter. (A is for Apple, B is for Ball, C is for Carrot, etc.) With orange and yellow flowers trimmed in embroidery in each corner and sewn-on yellow rik-rak separating each letter, the classic look of this Alphabet wall hanging is completed by its bright yellow border. The wooden dowel, including white rope for hanging, spans the yellow tabs on top providing for easy and straight display.

Product Details
Product Details
Size 17.25" x 25"
Age 3 and up
Cleaning Surface Wash


ABC Wall Hanging (Navy) by Kubla Craft
ABC Wall Hanging (Navy) by Kubla Craft